Invasion of the Electronic Processors

Ali Alışır – “Virtual Places” -2011
We are all transformed into electronic processors that transfer everything to other. In these electronic surfaces realities belonged to us (irony, indefiniteness, perfection, insincerity) were removed, and everything was transformed into such a perfect and flawless effect.
Today our social destiny is determined by media, opinion researches, consumer panels, and news bulletins; without out consents. Under this visual image and news bombardment we are further forced to turn in upon ourselves and we experience instant bursts of energy.
These instant social bursts of energy (the case of instant visibility and sudden graying) can be compared to the condensers that form electronic circuits and store the energy. Condensers, which store energy for the flashgun of cameras, are first charged by the battery and then employed at the moment of shot and the stored high energy is emptied at the very time; as a result, high illumination is provided transiently. Sudden empty of condenser provides brightness to the light of the flash.
Today this is exactly what we experience in our lives along with the effect of communication mediums. Once the news and their images are stored virtually and they start to replace at the speed of light, a huge energy is released. This energy leaves its resources and reaches to the individual in a very short time. This instant illumination that individual experiences, brings about a mental ejaculation. Because this burst of energy is not experienced in a normal timeframe and space, there is no definite true that can be compared or correlated. Time, in the virtual medium is not determined by mind. Rapid increase in resource and number of news and images, and their dazzling repeat transform into a mode of indistinct feeling and unresponsiveness in time. These electronic codes that change place at the speed of light and carry news and images, after a while, give way to the light effect that has a perfume-effect on the individual.
In current day, like the condensers that enable flashes to operate and provide instant bright light, individuals are watching the instant bright illumination of the news and their contents. For individuals, news and images that are deprived of content are nothing but a pile of meaninglessness. This is similar to the feeling that we have when a planet millions of light years away dies and its light reaches to the earth many years later.
Another important feature of condensers is their ability to form temporary solutions, when their sources are empty, for electronic devices that save information in their memories. Condensers in digital clocks and mobile phones step in and empty their energy in order to save important information, when the battery is out; likewise, the system we live in does the same thing for us. Today there are hard discs that enable us to store our memories, and social networking platforms (sites) enabling us to give an opinion.  All these huge cybermatic and virtual networks waste their energies for us and try to make a decision that may be important for us, and solve problems. Because of this, the order of operation of human body and mind is deteriorating and people become unable to fulfill their missions.
The common feature of all these systems that produce image (television, video, multimedia etc) is that they repeat everything. What is produced is not memory, but obliviousness. Intellectual and emotional thoughts of individual are under the siege of electronic images, and they are directed by technology.
Art, which has been in the process of production on intellectual and emotional fields from past to present, was indispensably alienated to the content and meaning, and approached to the image and virtuality. Art’s attempt to transcend itself towards simplicity maybe the last brick that technology holds on.
Artists of the era, form the mode of productions independent from physical activities only through a mental action. On the one hand, work of arts is produced through computer programs, and on the other hand it is distributed via network connections. This process comes to existence in a virtual space with the help of cybermatic tools, and revolutionizes the concept of “unique” work of art that is produced in traditional studio and exhibited in the gallery.
Art was transformed into the speed of mass communication mediums and media aesthetic within the world of Imitations, copies, and fakes. It is now possible to look at the artwork from every angle, enter to it, travel around it, see each side of it at once, and even travel though the image of it. Through these journeys that are taken on the level of molecules for the first time in the history of art, the extant externality and the “mystic” aura of the artwork was destroyed. There is no certain form of art anymore. This is a revolution. The work of art hanging on the wall until today; or a work of art that disseminates its meaning at its original place do not exist anymore. It is both everywhere and nowhere.
With reference to the beginning points, today the life we live in is in a way chaotic, and our technology proves that. The things that we used to defend or criticize are returning to us like a boomerang, they feed our suspiciousness and unresponsiveness just like a vengeance. Technology, which transformed the world into an image, seems to find a way to hide the reality from us. It re-created once unsuccessful ideologies, fossilized concepts, old fashioned thoughts, and meaningless works. It is not the case that the antidotes of revitalization of these dormant thoughts and sicknesses are patience and internalization. The reason is that modern period accelerated all kinds of comprehension-incorporation and generating solutions-producing mechanism; and enabled theses thoughts to circulate through network and electronic circuits. As a result, the necessary time for comprehension-incorporation process was removed and meaning was divided into its atoms on electronic media. Today, all the wars and illnesses of 20th century started to occur again, and as a trophy all our reality and problem solving skills were taken away.
Ali Alışır – 2012 /


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