Ali Alışır / Biography
Ali Alışır was born in İstanbul, in 1978. He received an art scholarship from Yeditepe University Faculty of Fine Arts in 1996 and started to acquire training in graphic design. During his education he took courses in painting and photography and gained some experience in these disciplines. After completing his education, Alışır moved to Italy where he worked as photographer. He attended the program of photography as a graduate student in Academia Italian in Folarence. (Alışır jumped at opportunity to work with various notable artists working for renowned companies like Giorgio Armani and Ferragamo) Alışır graduated from Academia Italiana in 2006 ranking first in his class.The concept of  “virtual” he has been focused since 2009 underline the heart of his works. By probing the main social questions and problems from philosophy to sociology and literature to cinema with his distinctively produced digital photographs, he’s bringing them up to agenda and also trying to lay the position of the modern individuals bare. By using the possibilities of the art of photography he made the totally new imageries came to the fore and thorough the order of them he newly created he is informing and warning us a new kind of “emptiness”.Alışır shows us how the wild society we all are living in is dividing the subject taking it apart and the possessors of the lost souls and the fractal views of the living spaces. He still works as an digital photography artist in Italy and Turkey. Ali Alışır also qualifies as a university lecturer at department of Graphic Design of Yeditepe Fine Faculty. Alışır’s work takes part in many private, domestic and foreign collection, including the Presidential Palace of Republic of Turkey.


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