The Age Of Hyper Ambiguities

 Ali Alışır – “Virtual Places” – 2011.
The age we are living in is constantly trying to get beyond itself through its exaggerated features. Fashion is surpassing itself from beauty to more beauty. Sexuality is heading towards the hyper-sexual. Art is getting more and more superficial. From now on, rather than ideology and modes of production, image and forms of disappearance are dominating our lives. The revolutions done by groups or individuals whose desires and thoughts were repressed are today replaced by speculations. Losing their political power, revolutions are transformed into ambiguous and hollow abstract ideas. Today, the large groups that once poured into streets and their ideologies are carried into a uncertain, unreactive and spaceless (virtual) time.
Technological advancements, the widespread means of communication and the increase in the content of news are blocking our access to correct information and making it impossible for us to draw reliable inferences from any event. All these happenings are now interpreted in many different ways and various meanings are transmitted to us in an ambiguous way. Our suspicions about the reality of ideologies, political thoughts, sexuality and fashion are increasing so fast that we are dragged into an unresponsive and insatiable atmosphere where we are losing our consciousness.
In this age when everything is becoming transparent and even indiscreet secrets are uncovered, the craziness of everything to become visible is culminating in its top point. Private lives, murders, arguments, law cases, etc that are discussed in television programmes, newscasts and reality shows are displayed for all the world to see and nothing hidden has been left. In televisions and radios broadcasting under the name of independent and free media, everybody is talking all at once, and in every programme people are expressing their ideas “freely.” The intermingled images and sounds of these stations that aim to transmit the correct information to the audience are not able to convey anything accurately anymore.
In this era where everybody is informed about everything about which they can do nothing, it can be said that these means of communication have become pornographic. People are outpouring their problems publicly. The same news is repeated in newscasts each time from a different perspective. Magazine and news programmes are only concerned with people’s outlooks. Due to all these facts, the viewers have turned into voyeurs.
This order which is constantly repeating itself is making us lose our consciousness in front of the screen. With its technological structure that always expects to be desired and admired (in social networking sites), this order is dominating our lives through its political, sexual and moral outbursts.
In this new world order shaped by technology, we are both very close and alien to everything in a strange way. While ideas and emotions were previously taken under control at times of oppressions and prohibitions, our feelings are today neutralized being enfevered and then enraptured. While individuals are captured by images in virtual environments, they get rid of their worries. They can do this through surpassing their emotions and personalities. In other words, they turn into meaningless and contextless beings after they struggle until they lose their meanings. Their self is absorbed into nothingness within technological networks.
This “loss of consciousness” and “hyper emancipation” can be associated with the influence of opiate drugs that once encouraged the feeling of total independence among young people. These drugs that were banned in the past since they drove people away from realities are now free for use through the enfevering (or anesthetizing) of feelings through technology.
Today, our dependence on digital technology is a normal part our world rather than being a necessity or addiction. This now means “being addicted” to everything. It means that we will have no world to embrace us once we stop being addicted to economy, news, social environments and so on.
Going back to the beginning, politics, art, sexuality, economy and fashion are strangely dependent on each other in today’s world. They are both familiar and non-alien to us. They are constantly in a struggle to going beyond themselves. While all these concepts are becoming transparent in this hyper ambiguity, their contents and meanings are disappearing.
Ali Alışır – 2011
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